cat tree

How to Choose a Good Cat Tree

Cats are supposed to have a place where they can climb. If you have a cat at home, then a cat tree is the ideal place for your cat to relax. With a good cat tree, your cat will have a place to climb, scratch and spend the day. When buying a cat tree, there are various factors that you should keep in mind to make sure that you get the best cat tree. Here are some of the features of a good cat tree:

The Function of the Cat Tree

cats on treeThe function of the cat tree will determine the best cat option to buy. It all depends on how the cat tree will use the tree. If you want a place for your cat to lounge, then you need to consider a cat tree with a resting place.

In case you want to place the cat tree near the window so that the cat can watch birds outside, the tree should be elevated. You can also consider a cat tree with hiding areas, cradles, and even a sleeping area. If your cat does not have a separate bed, then it is a good idea to have a sleeping area for your cat.

Cat Age and Size

The size and age of your cat will determine the cat tree that you buy. Kittens and young kits are curious and eager to climb, and a tall cat tree is a good option. On the other hand, cat trees for large cats, are easy to climb. Kittens might need a cat tree that has hanging toys so that they can play. There are cats that to live in enclose spaces while others love to sleep in open spaces.

Rigid Make

cats on a treeBuying a cat with a rigid make is always a good option. Consider buying a cat tree that is strong in case you decide to have more than one cat in the tree. With a rigid make, it will be easy to use the cat for a long time without the need to replace it.

Easy to Assemble

When buying a cat tree online, you will be required to assemble. It is important to buy a cat tree that is easy to assemble. Most of the cat trees are easy to assemble, and you might not use any tools to join it. with simple tools like a hammer, it is easy to assemble the cat tree.…