roof replacement

While we look into other areas of the home with so much enthusiasm, we forget the most important part. The roof. It usually is among the last elements to be completed but holds a significant place in any building. In the process of running up and down, we tend to overlook severe issues. These issues gnaw at our very roofs and need to be addressed with immediate effect. Lying down complacently after a long hard day is not the way to go. Here are six warning signs your roof needs to be replaced.

Presence of Moss

We are all familiar with the green tiny plantlike substances that form on wet surfaces. Well, they are also a sure sign of neglect in every sense of the word. When it comes to the roof over your head, this couldn’t be truer. You should look out for this sign if you live in places with a wet climate. The more the formation of moss is the faster you need to act. Don’t wait till the roof begins to collapse on your head a chip at a time. Besides, the workload will be made easier when you take prompt action.

Years of Existence

old roofThe knowledge of when exactly you had your roof installed will speak volumes. According to the experts at Lakewood Remodeling, a leading Roofing Replacement Company in Greater Twin Cities, MN, a standard roof should serve you for not less than twenty years. If you pick a quality array of roofs, this lifespan might be extended to five more years.

If you begin counting and this happens to be your twentieth year, this is it. You need to start making all the necessary preparations. Start contacting all the key players now that your roof replacement is at hand. Bear in mind that only certified professionals can give your roof the facelift it needs. Afterall, your family deserves a decent roof over their heads.

Presence of Light Rays

Only a worn out roof can detect such a sign. If you have a newly replaced roof, it is impossible to see the rays of the sun shining directly on you. It only gets worse when the heavy roof begins to beat hard on your roof. This means that the chances of leakage are very high. This is a light warning that must be heeded soonest possible. Failure to which will lead to an even worse turn of events.

Uneven Shingles

Right from the word go, shingles have been known to hold the roof neatly in place. When they seem to be bent out of shape, something is wrong with your roof. Check them out carefully and make accurate deductions.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, expert opinion is more than a welcome idea. Make inquiries and do extensive research to know the next step to take. Worse still, if the shingles on your roof are uneven, wait no longer.


When it was first installed, your roof was substantial and very beautiful. As time went by, this changed and now you are looking at one that is sagged. Take action as soon as possible.

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